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Completely on her own, Sarah spends her time at home, waiting for the approaching birth of her child. But one night, a stranger breaks into her home, ready to snatch her still unborn baby from her.
A woman in her third trimester of pregnancy is stalked by a stranger who is obsessed with her unborn child.
À l’intérieur (2007) will dependably be my most loved Horror film ever, in light of the gut, as well as due to the astounding content, air and on-screen characters.

As I found out about the revamp I thought: “Why? The first film is as of now astounding. I will suck for sure.”

In reality it did terribly. I can hardly imagine how Jaume Balagueró composed this imbecilic story, changing astounding perspectives from the first.

Rachel Nichols is a decent performing artist and did all that she conceivable could with the content, playing the unnerved pregnant lady. Laura Harring just appeared to be wrong playing the insane lady… she looked too useful for the part, while the first performer looked extremely startling and unnerving.

The story got changed for the more regrettable, changing vital snapshots of anticipation and repulsiveness.

To whole it up, this revamp is a calamity in such a significant number of ways… That is to say, WHY devastating such a great story. What’s more, shouldn’t something be said about the gut? Go ahead… two moronic scenes had it yet can’t be contrasted with the first effect.

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